vhf and Evolve Dentistry announce partnership bringing premium milling to their expansive digital workflow portfolio

September 23, 2022/by mschmidt

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG acquires stake in vhf Group

August 3, 2022/by mschmidt

The Argen Corporation expand their digital workflow solutions with vhf premium mills

June 8, 2022/by mschmidt

DENTALCAM 8: with high speed to maximum precision

April 4, 2022/by mschmidt

Proto3000 Expands Dental Milling Portfolio with Innovative vhf Machines

January 19, 2022/by mschmidt

vhf supports Médecins Sans Frontières with Christmas donation

December 6, 2021/by mschmidt

vhf expands top management

May 3, 2021/by mschmidt

vhf supports food banks with Christmas donation

December 17, 2020/by mschmidt

Exclusive web series by vhf with world-leading dentists

December 11, 2020/by mschmidt

Comprix Award 2020: vhf wins gold again

November 26, 2020/by mschmidt

Study confirms: milled prosthesis material performs better than 3D-printed

November 3, 2020/by mschmidt

TriLor® validated on vhf milling machines

October 20, 2020/by mschmidt

exocad ChairsideCAD now also supports abutments and screw-retained crowns on vhf machines

September 16, 2020/by mschmidt

More efficiency with the vhf QuickFrame

September 8, 2020/by mschmidt

DentCore adds three new vhf machines to their portfolio

August 11, 2020/by mschmidt

Alien Milling Technologies now offers vhf machines

August 3, 2020/by mschmidt

Responsive and modern – vhf relaunches its international website

March 11, 2020/by mschmidt

Gold for Dental from Deutschland

March 9, 2020/by mschmidt

vhf hosts exclusive customer events in Long Island

March 4, 2020/by mschmidt

Zahn adds vhf’s R5 and S5 to their portfolio

February 21, 2020/by mschmidt

Mill quickly and economically with the S5 and N4+

February 21, 2020/by mschmidt

Patterson adds vhf’s R5 to their portfolio

February 20, 2020/by mschmidt

vhf celebrates two world premieres in Chicago

February 11, 2020/by mschmidt

vhf and Esthetic Professionals team up for the Z4

January 22, 2020/by mschmidt

Big portfolio for the Big Apple

November 25, 2019/by mschmidt

Yet another material the vhf K5+ masters with ease

November 21, 2019/by mschmidt

Z4 drills screw-access channels in highest quality, study confirms

November 13, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf wins first prize for the Z4

October 22, 2019/by mschmidt

Your Z4 – Your Style

October 10, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf Z4 now available through Patterson Dental in Canada

September 12, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf and DentCore enter sales partnership for same-day dentistry milling machine

September 4, 2019/by mschmidt

Four times Z4 at World Dental Congress in San Francisco

August 22, 2019/by mschmidt

Dental milling machines from vhf at Lab Day West and CDA in California

May 7, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf receives iF Design Award 2019 for the R5

March 16, 2019/by mschmidt

Zahn Dental adds vhf’s K5+ to portfolio

March 11, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf showcasing pure high tech in Cologne

March 6, 2019/by mschmidt

vhf and Patterson Dental announce sales partnership

February 21, 2019/by mschmidt

Trade show duo in Chicago: vhf presents machines for the lab and practice

February 14, 2019/by mschmidt

Protecting the climate through CO2 compensation: vhf donates to atmosfair

December 19, 2018/by mschmidt

vhf presents broad product portfolio at the largest U.S. dental show

November 23, 2018/by mschmidt

Seamless workflow with vhf Z4 and exocad ChairsideCAD

November 16, 2018/by mschmidt

Premiere: vhf unveils K5+ at Californian dental show

October 11, 2018/by mschmidt

Going the extra mile for innovations every day: vhf celebrates its anniversary

October 2, 2018/by mschmidt

Successful K5+ mill redesigned with tool-free blank clamping and ionizer

September 6, 2018/by mschmidt

vhf’s Z4 validated as 3Shape Trusted Connection

June 28, 2018/by mschmidt

vhf boosts presence in the US, supported by major dental partners

May 15, 2018/by mschmidt

R5 – maximum automation for perfect restorations

February 23, 2018/by mschmidt

Dr. Nicolas Rohde named new CEO of vhf Inc.

December 11, 2017/by mschmidt

North American launch of the Z4

November 23, 2017/by mschmidt