Redefining milling. R5.

With the new high-end R5 dental lab machine, vhf has developed a highly automated milling and grinding machine with a tenfold blank changer for both wet and dry machining, bringing revolutionary approaches to the lab.

Edge of perfection. Z4.

Why should you settle for less? Everyone wants to process masterful restorations. For same day dentistry production, we have developed the Z4.

Dry milling excellence. K5.

With K5 you get a five-axis dry milling machine for a broad range of indications. The especially stable construction of K5 guarantees excellent machining results.

The art of wet grinding. N4.

The N4 is a compact four-axis wet grinding machine for grinding respectively milling blocks of glass ceramics, zirconium oxide and composites as well as titanium abutments.

The workhorse. S2.

S2 is a very versatile five-axis dental milling machine. It has a blank changer for 8 blanks and is designed for dry and wet milling.

The perfect build. K4.

Characterized by its extremely compact design, the K4 edition, the K4 with an uncompromisingly rigid construction delivers first-class results.