vhf and Esthetic Professionals team up for the Z4

Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, 22 January 2020: The German CAM solution provider vhf is delighted to announce that California-based Esthetic Professionals will add the high-precision milling and grinding machine Z4 to their portfolio. vhf and Esthetic Professionals agreed on the distribution starting in January 2020.

“We are proud that true dental enthusiasts such as Esthetic Professionals offer our premier milling machine, because we share the same passion for highest quality and service. The Z4 is an investment that will definitely pay off for their customers: high-quality restorations are a matter of mere minutes now. The number of machinable block materials constantly increases, as well as the number of scanners and CAD software packages that are validated with the Z4,” explains Dr. Nicolas Rohde, the CEO of vhf Inc.

Dr. Bruce Crispin, owner and founder of Esthetic Professionals states: “With the vhf Z4, clinicians can unlock the possibilities of digital dentistry. We tested the Z4 thoroughly – and were impressed with its performance. At the Esthetic Professionals Distribution Center, we sell what we use in our commercial laboratory and dental practices every day. That has made us industry leaders and a go-to resource for all our clients. In addition, we install, train and repair the technology we sell.”

The four-axis Z4 is a sophisticated milling and grinding machine for same-day restorations that fits perfectly into the digital workflow. With its intuitive operation, the machine can produce top-notch restorations in little time, so that patients can receive permanent restorations of highest quality in just one session.

Besides distribution, Esthetic Professionals operates a dental clinic, a dental lab, and a dental education center that offers education on the complete digital workflow, which includes hands-on training for the Z4.