High technology with excellent design

The iF Design Award is one of the most important design prizes worldwide and has been a recognized seal of quality when it comes to outstanding design for almost 70 years. vhf camfacture AG has already won the desired award twice in a row: in 2019 with the dental milling and grinding machine R5 and in 2020 with the CNC milling and cutting machine X. An independent, international jury of experts consisting of 78 members selected the winners from 7,300 submissions from 56 countries.

iF Design Award 2019

How does the dental future look like? Like this.

Dental milling machine R5

A new era has begun in dental laboratories and offices: in record time, the R5 has delighted dental users around the world. This highly automated milling and grinding machine for dry and wet processing can process any material used in dental technology with the utmost precision and, thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be placed anywhere. The R5 offers cutting-edge technology with a sophisticated operating concept and a highly convenient user interface.

With its futuristic appearance, the R5 magically attracts attention and guarantees attention, wherever it is placed. The R5 not only produces perfect restorations in the digital workflow, but is also a real eye-catcher. The uncompromising and self-confident design of this dental machine underlines vhf’s claim to always be a step ahead of its time.

iF Design Award 2020

Milling machines have never been so elegant: X

With its clean and progressive look, the X optimally combines speed and precision, strength and stability. This milling machine for panels does not only look robust and exact, it proves this also in practical use. The multi-touch operator guidance of the machine is extremely intuitive with a stand-alone software solution and sets new standards in the industry.

The vhf X with its contemporary industrial design is in a class of its own. It is not immediately obvious what it is capable of – just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Despite its elegant appearance, the X offers a powerful 5.8 kW spindle power at 40,000 rpm. And, if desired, an additionally installable cutting unit can even process flexible materials such as rubber seals, cardboards or tarpaulins. The X is our most powerful CNC milling machine for sign making as well as industry and at the same time it is the latest vhf flagship in the field of portal milling machines.