Plastics processing with vhf milling machines and vhf tools

You want to get into the professional CNC production of plastic workpieces or expand your plastics machining operations? Then vhf’s high-performance, efficient milling machines are the exact right choice. Whether thermoplastics, duroplastics, acrylic or composites – vhf machines can do, and much more. Thanks to the different machine sizes available, vhf milling machines can also handle large-size plastic boards.

Since plastics offer certain advantages over metals such as less weight, good sliding characteristics or chemical resistance, plastics processing is becoming increasingly relevant in the domain of technology. But all plastic isn’t the same. There are significant density differences between materials, which have an impact on how the plastic is machined.

On this page you’ll find some plastic machining examples which were produced on vhf CNC milling machines. In addition, we have put together crucial tips for plastics processing and provide recommendations how to select the right vhf milling machine or tool.