Wood milling with vhf milling machines and vhf tools

Wood processing will be a piece of cake for you with vhf’s state-of-the-art milling machines! They will help you obtain excellent results even if you have no prior technical expertise. Wood milling offers many advantages vs. conventional drilling and sawing, such as high cutting accuracy and the possibility to produce subtle details and inner contours.

In wood milling, it’s mainly board material that is machined on a CNC mill – in other words, solid wood, multiplex, MDF, chipboard or glued boards. It is therefore recommended to opt for a milling machine with the greatest possible working area. This is very easy for vhf machines, which can be individually configured even in XXL format while offering an excellent price-performance ratio especially when using large-size machines. In contrast to smaller wood processing machines, the high degree of stability of vhf machines offers more manufacturing accuracy and speed. In addition, milling machines by vhf also deliver precision, easy handling, and cost effectiveness.

Our CNC mills are capable of milling complex shapes such as bevels, curves or subtle engravings of letterings or patterns in wood. On this page you’ll find some wood processing examples which were created on vhf CNC milling machines.