Multi unit

The perfect add-on for milling jobs: it packs an oscillating tangential cutting head and a universal head.

This means that in addition to machining jobs, you can also create 45-degree beveled cuts (V cuts), straight cuts or perform scoring work on your Active Pro – meaning you are well equipped to work with any material.

The required unit is lowered into its working position by a pneumatic lifting cylinder, while the other is raised into its rest position. This prevents mutual interference.

CNC milling machine Active Pro – MultiUnit

The Multi Unit offers tremendous possibilities

The Multi Unit delivers division of labor when machining your workpieces:

  • The oscillating tangential cutting head (right-hand component of unit) performs straight cuts in thicker materials.
  • The universal head (left-hand component of unit) does the remaining work: Thanks to the vast spectrum of tool attachments available, it can be used for diverse machining jobs such as straight cutting, 45-degree bevel cutting (e.g., V cuts or passepartouts), and scoring work. During the machining process, an actuator automatically brings the tool into a tangential alignment with the machining path.

The universal head with straight cutting attachment is ideally suited for cutting thin materials such as film or cardboard. A spring-loaded kiss-cut attachment is the perfect choice if you only want to cut the top layer of a film, but want the backing layer below to remain intact. It can also be fitted with a scoring wheel to crease cardboard etc.

The V-Cut attachment for 45-degree bevel cuts is of particular interest for advertising and exhibition purposes. It can be used to diagonally cut corrugated cardboard or sandwich materials such as Re-board®, Allison® or Kapa® to construct stable, three-dimensional objects including displays, trade fair and shop furnishing items, packaging units or custom samples. That said, it can also be used to process thin materials such as passepartouts.