Oscillating tangential cutting head

The premium choice for materials like foams, (composite) cardboard, rubber, films, tarpaulins, and textiles

This machining unit has a thin carbide lance that moves up and down at a rapid pace. This allows you to process even thicker materials without difficulty. Burr-free and smooth cutting edges can be achieved especially with soft and/or fray-prone materials.

Precise and efficient operation – without chips

Many materials are much easier to cut into the desired shape with an oscillating lance than to mill them with a rotary tool. High-precision results are obtained because the lance is properly oriented automatically in the cutting process – completely without chip formation.

The oscillating tangential cutting head is electrically driven and has a frequency of 116 Hertz, which corresponds to about 7,000 strokes per minute.

The thickness of the materials to be cut depends on the length of the lance. Lances are available in various lengths ranging from 5 to 70 mm. This makes the oscillating tangential cutting head the perfect choice for commonly used materials.

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