Rotary current spindles

Rotary current spindles deliver plenty of power for high removal rates. They also enable you to work with the largest tool diameters.

Benefits of a rotary current spindle for your CNC milling machine:

  • perfect for heavy work, including with large tool diameters
  • high degree of precision
  • long service life of the spindle bearings
  • controllable speeds
  • high-speed spindles with up to 40,000 rpm are available
  • high torque
  • broad clamping range
  • software-controlled frequency converter with monitoring functions
  • pneumatic cone change feature available
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Find the right spindle unit for your production process

We offer rotary current spindles with up to 3.8 kW nominal power or 6.6 kW maximum power. There are high-speed and low-speed rotary current spindles:

  • A high-speed rotary current spindle is recommended for medium tool sizes (diameter approx. 4 to 10 mm). These spindles offer the highest level of flexibility.
  • A low-speed rotary current spindle brings plenty of power and torque to the table. It is particularly useful where larger tools (diameter approx. 8 to 20 mm) are used to achieve a high removal volume.

High precision is ensured by the hardened, ground multi-bearing drive shaft, also allowing engraving work to be done. The intelligent frequency converter ensures constant speeds even with varying loads. What is more, the spindles are fully software-controlled and integrated into the CNC milling machine’s safety concept.

All P models feature a pneumatic clamping cone retainer, which is a prerequisite for automatic tool change. This allows your machining process to be automated.