vhf looks back on a successful IDS 2023

New EASE CLASS inspires tradeshow visitors in Cologne

At IDS 2023 in Cologne, vhf presented the entire EASE CLASS to the world for the first time. The highly anticipated unveiling of the announced third world premiere became the ceremonial IDS starting shot for vhf and the center of attraction for numerous trade visitors. Punctually at 12 o’clock on Tuesday, March 14, Dr. Nicolas Rohde – Chief Strategy Officer of vhf, presented the new E3. For the first time all three machines of the new EASE CLASS could be seen together and experienced up close: the five-axis puck milling machine E5, the four-axis block milling machine E4 and the E3 as a special machine for cutting out thermoformed rails. This strong trio covers just about all materials and indications that may arise in the laboratory and practice. In addition, the trade fair visitors could get to know the high-performance dental milling machines N4+, K5+, S5 at close range at the vhf booth and learn everything about the two high-end models Z4 and R5.

For the many tradeshow visitors at the vhf booth in Hall 1, it became clear at first glance what the newly presented EASE CLASS promises: High-quality restorations combined with simplicity. They could convince themselves of this directly on site and learn all about the numerous highlights of the new E series. For example, in addition to a compact design and low weight, the E3, E4 and E5 are characterized by the fact that they do not require any compressed air at all and feature a service-friendly concept. Viewed in detail, the E5 is an innovative dry milling machine for circular blanks, which, thanks to its five axes, masters even complex indications with maximum precision. The compact E4 wet grinding machine, on the other hand, has four axes and was developed for both wet and dry machining of blocks. With the E3, vhf is opening up orthodontic applications for the first time. It is a milling machine that is specifically designed for cutting out various forms of deep drawing splints such as aligners, bite splints, grinding splints and other variants up to sports mouth guards.

“The IDS was a complete success for us”, Sven Marquart, Head of Sales at vhf, summarizes the trade show week in Cologne succinctly. “The interest of the international trade fair visitors and diverse experts around our newly presented EASE CLASS was huge. For us, this is once again confirmation that we have hit a nerve with our new product range for the simple and inexpensive entry into high-quality restorations.”

In addition to the many vhf trade show highlights, the mechanical engineering specialist from Southern Germany also attracted attention with the EASE LOUNGE. Here, the numerous guests could look forward to a daily special guest interview with Dr. Nicolas Rohde, Chief Strategy Officer of vhf, who had invited renowned discussion partners on exciting topics to the IDS. On Tuesday, for example, Dr. Michael Scherer explained the advantages and disadvantages of the two different manufacturing processes in the talk Milling vs. Printing. On Wednesday, Dr. Karla Soto spoke about Creating Beautiful Smiles In-Office. In addition, on Thursday, Dr. John A. Sorensen from the University of Washington focused on the machining accuracy of milling machines. The title of his talk, Milling Machine Accuracy. With Make dentures Great Again, Dr. Miguel Stanley brought the exciting series of interviews to a crowning conclusion. Immediately following the talks, the trade show audience was invited to round off the trade show day with cocktails, music and more in the EASE LOUNGE.