Questionnaire for vhf business partner prospects

We would like to get to know your company better through this questionnare and would like to thank you very much in advance for answering preferably all questions.

Main data

Person of contact

Customer base

How can your customers be subdivided?

For dental technology only – How would you classify your customers?

Product interest

In which products are you interested?

Are you also planning to provide support for the machines you would like to purchase?

Sectors in which you plan to sell our products. Please also indicate the approximate percentage of your overall turnover which is reached in the respective sector.

Sales territory

Sales promotion

Are you interested in purchasing a vhf machine for demonstration purposes for prospective customers?

Are you willing to make specific marketing and sales strategies like placing advertisements in magazines?

Are you planning to exhibit our machines at trade shows frequently (at least once per year)?

Do you have a showroom in which our products may be presented?

Competence/experience in the field of CAD/CAM

Which products do you already sell and for which of these products do your technicians provide independent support?

Company profile

If you are not able or willing to answer any of the following questions you may leave them blank.


How did you get to know us?

Would you like to be listed as a reseller or an OEM partner on our website?

Any additional information you would like to share with us?

1 + 1 = ?