DENTALCAM 8: with high speed to maximum precision

vhf allots 1,500 free upgrade licenses.

Ammerbuch, 04.04.2022: The latest version of the vhf machining software DENTALCAM allows its users to get faster than ever to perfect restorations. On top of that, this powerful program package now comes with a new look and feel while maintaining an easy to use user interface. The upgrade will be completed by an extremely helpful Guided Troubleshooting. After enthusiastic feedback on the sneak preview at the IDS trade show 2021 in Cologne, the new software has been delivered with all new machines as of January 2022. Now, upgrades from previous DENTALCAM versions are available – for 1,500 machine owners completely free of charge.

The vhf software developers were able to accelerate the already fast machining speeds of DENTALCAM 7 considerably again, thanks to new machining strategies. A significant time saving of up to 30 % is achieved when milling zirconia and PMMA. On top of that, the grinding times on the R5 and N4+ could also be improved by up to 30 %. And last but not least, the working efficiency could be further increased, due to up to 50 % quicker data import which makes nesting faster.

The new look and feel of DENTALCAM 8 offers several advantages at once. The modern design immediately catches the eye. It has been optimized for an even quicker user guidance, the views are now more focused on the particular job. The user interface has become more clear and offers a completely new user experience. At the same time DENTALCAM 8 follows the same operating logic like DENTALCAM 7, so the switch to the new version will be intuitive.

Another important improvement in DENTALCAM 8 is automatic updates of the material database, so vhf can release new materials for general usage without the necessity of a software update. On top of that, the users can now label their objects individually and durably thanks to the new engraving function. And in case of an error message, the user will benefit from Guided Troubleshooting which leads to the corresponding online help with an interactive guide for error recovery. The list of improvements go on, a comprehensive overview can be found in the vhf dental portal.

The vhf CAM software reliably delivers excellent results and can be used in any dental lab or practice. It has always been an important part of vhf’s portfolio – developed in-house, with an open STL import and perfectly adjusted to vhf’s high-performance dental machines. With vhf DENTALCAM the user can directly start his production – without complicated programming or special prior knowledge. vhf provides DENTALCAM with every new machine free of license fees – a real advantage compared with other suppliers in the dental industry.

Owners of the latest 1,500 machines with DENTALCAM 7 will benefit from a free upgrade to DENTALCAM 8 worth 1,250 euros. All DENTALCAM users can check via the following URL whether they are qualified for a free upgrade:

For older versions, there are favorable upgrade offers available. vhf resellers will be glad to inform their users about the conditions in detail. Furthermore, thanks to a free test version of DENTALCAM 8, everyone has the chance to get convinced of the new functionality in an extensive trial before purchase. DENTALCAM users who do not qualify for the free upgrade, will automatically receive an appropriate download link from the vhf service team.