More efficiency with the vhf QuickFrame

The new blank holder for S5 and S2 helps to save time and material

Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, September 8, 2020: With vhf’s new QuickFrame magnetic holder, discs are clamped into the S2 and S5 dental milling and grinding machines without the need of any tools. The discs are loaded in seconds; much faster than securing them with a screwdriver – a clear plus in speed and a work relief for the user.

The magnets of the QuickFrame efficiently secure the blanks. It is possible to clamp plastic blanks such as PMMA, zirconia and wax. With each new S5, vhf now supplies an innovative QuickFrame magnetic holder in addition to the eight standard holders at no charge. The QuickFrame is available as a cost-efficient accessory for both the S5 and the S2.

The S5 and S2 are particularly versatile five-axis milling and grinding machines for wet and dry machining. They are especially suitable for users who want to machine a wide range of materials, as their eight-fold blank changers allow convenient non-stop machining of all materials. With a wet grinding module, the range of applications can extend to include the grinding of glass-ceramic or milling of titanium.

Using the new QuickFrame holder, vhf customers now save time instantly by opening the cover, inserting the blank into the holder and closing the cover again – all without tools. The new QuickFrame shows its full strength especially when fabricating restorations in highly translucent zirconia. With any conventional holder, there is a risk that parts of the blank rim may break off if the screws are over-tightened. The new QuickFrame magnetic holder eliminates this risk.