Successful K5+ mill redesigned with tool-free blank clamping and ionizer

Ammerbuch, September 06, 2018: vhf camfacture AG is expanding its product range this fall – soon the K5+ will be available with impressive new features. Among other innovations, tool-free blank clamping and a built-in ionizer will significantly speed up operations with the machine.

The continued success of the K5 dental milling machine has prompted vhf to add additional features to the model. The new K5+ is equipped with the innovative DirectDiscTechnology for securing discs. Thanks to this tool-free blank clamping system, the machine can be loaded with material even more quickly and easily. In addition, a built-in ionizer neutralizes the static charge of acrylic particles. Improved air circulation in the working area also significantly reduces cleaning time.

Further highlights of this dry milling machine include a built-in camera for simplified support and an Ethernet port, which increases the stability and flexibility of the connection at the machine’s installation location. Last but not least, the K5+ also stands out from its predecessor visually with its new, clean design in white.

Dr. Jens Butschan, Division Manager Innovation and Development at vhf, is convinced that the new machine offers customers a number of added benefits: “Users save valuable time thanks to technological innovations from vhf that allow them to work more cost-effectively. As a result, the K5+ is guaranteed to make workflows fast and simple, making the machine the perfect companion when it comes to the digitalization of dental work.”

vhf has retained proven features of its bestselling 5-axis milling machine – like the K5, the K5+ can process a wide range of materials and indications, including discs and blocks made of wax, acrylics like PMMA and PEEK, model gypsum, zirconia, hybrid ceramics and composites, as well as cobalt-chrome discs and prefab blanks. In addition, the extremely stable design with a solid cast body guarantees first-rate machining results. The automatic changer with space for 16 tools rounds out the machine’s many versatile features. Similar to all other vhf machines, the K5+ is also completely open in every sense of the word: data can be imported in the standardized STL format, and when selecting circular blanks, blocks, and abutments, the K5+ can be used with materials from any manufacturer.

The K5+ will make its world debut at the annual Dental Lab & CAD/CAM Expo sponsored by the Dental Laboratory Owners Association of California (DLOAC) in Orange County, California, from October 11 to 13, 2018, at booth 306.