vhf is supporting pioneers in the field of digital impressions

Ammerbuch, October 25, 2018: At the annual conference of the German Society for Digital Oral Impressions (Deutsche Gesellschaft für digitale orale Abformung – DGDOA) in Düsseldorf, the company vhf camfacture AG will be represented as a premium exhibitor. The company will be exhibiting the top milling machines, Z4 and R5, on site.

On Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, 2018, DGDOA’s fourth annual conference will take place at the Lindner Congress Hotel in Düsseldorf. The conference will primarily address the topic of how to practically implement the digital process chain in various fields of dentistry.

The President of the Society, Dr. Ingo Baresel, emphasizes the importance of the technology to the vhf customer magazine CREATE: “There is no doubt that digital impression will catch on. Firstly, there is the high level of accuracy that is now, without doubt, being achieved across the whole jaw. Secondly, this form of impression-taking results in fewer repetitions and new impressions. The possibility of creating prosthetic restorations in a single day is also an option that many patients will certainly appreciate.”

During the DGDOA conference, the joint collaboration between the laboratory and practice will be in the foreground. An intensive collaboration between dentists and dental technicians, together with knowledge of the respective work-flows, thus form a cornerstone for the success of digital impressions.

At the DGDOA conference, vhf will exhibit the Z4 as milling and grinding machines for same day restorations as well as the leading laboratory machine, R5. Thanks to its simple operability, the Z4 can be used to create restorations of the highest quality within minutes. This means that in future it will be possible to provide patients with durable, high quality dental prostheses even more quickly. Dr. Baresel summarizes the benefits of the machine as follows: “The Z4 fits perfectly into the digital work-flow because it optimally meets the requirements for a same-day dentistry solution. In this respect, it is important that systems such as intra-oral scanners, design software and milling machines are perfectly aligned to each other.” The Z4 is also capable of processing a particularly wide range of materials with a high degree of precision and to a quality standard that has not previously been achieved.

The R5, the highly automated milling and grinding machine for wet and dry processing, can process all types of materials commonly used in dental technology, in circular and block shapes up to a thickness of 40 mm. The extremely compact, high-end machine has particularly innovative features such as system (currently being patented) for quickly loading up to ten circular blanks or 60 blocks or abutments, a working-area drying system and an integrated ionizer.

Both machines are available from specialist dealers.

About the DGDOA:
In modern dentistry, digital impressions are becoming ever more important. The DGDOA, which was founded in 2014, has set itself the task of further developing and expanding the use of this technology. Further information can be found at: dgdoa.de.