vhf supports the food banks by giving back this Holiday season

The specialist for CNC milling machines from Ammerbuch supports the charitable work of the food banks in Germany.

Ammerbuch, December 19, 2022: More and more people in Germany are living in poverty. Their difficult financial situation is becoming dramatically visible at the food banks. The number of food bank customers has increased by about half since the beginning of the year due to inflation, pandemic and the consequences of war. This means that well over two million people affected by poverty are seeking support from the voluntary organization. The non-profit organization distributes donated food to people in need.

For many years, vhf camfacture AG has been committed to charitable causes during the Holiday season – under the motto: donations instead of gifts. “It is close to our hearts to support the food banks, this way we can do something against food waste and support people in need who are affected by poverty”, says Ria Brandenberger, member of the board at vhf, about this particularly sustainable form of help, with which valuable resources are not unnecessarily wasted.

About the charity organization Tafeln Deutschland:
With around 60,000 volunteers at more than 960 food banks, the Tafeln Deutschland e.V. is one of the largest social-ecological movements in Germany. Food that is in perfect condition, but can no longer be sold is collected from retailers and manufacturers and distributed to those in need. Around 265,000 tons of food per year are thus saved from unnecessary disposal. Using their own logistics with continuous cooling chains, the donations are then made available to needy people at local food banks.