vhf introduces milling machine E3 for cutting out occlusal appliances

The first vhf milling machine specifically designed for orthodontic applications.

World premiere in Cologne: With the unveiling of the E3, vhf camfacture AG has now completed its EASE CLASS. The E3 is a very compact milling machine that has been specially developed for cutting out the most diverse shapes of thermoformed splints such as aligners, bite splints, grinding splints and other variants up to sports mouthguards. It is the first vhf machine for this field, which has so far been very much characterized by manual work. The development of the E3 was based on the motto EASE – therefore the handling of the machine is very quick and easy.

The TRIMCAM software, which vhf has developed especially for this purpose, automatically recognizes the so-called trimline on which the occlusal appliance will later be milled out from the available planning data. The fixation of the workpiece in the E3 is done in one second: without any tools, the splint is simply clipped into the holder. An aligner, for example, is milled out in less than 60 seconds so that an entire series can be produced in the shortest time. The user benefits from the high quality of CNC production, and virtually no reworking is required.

At vhf, however, EASE means even more: The E3 can be set up and operated practically anywhere thanks to its complete freedom from compressed air, its compact housing, which requires only insignificantly more floor space than an A3 sheet, and its low weight of only 25 kg. In terms of the quality of its construction, however, it is anything but a lightweight. Based on decades of experience in mechanical engineering, the E3 is built exclusively from high-quality industrial components, so users benefit not only from first-class results, but also from exceptional durability and ease of maintenance. And the details have also been well thought out: A practical collection drawer for chips eliminates the need to connect an external suction unit.

Lucas Kehl, Head of Product at vhf camfacture AG, explains the motivation to develop a special milling machine for orthodontic work at vhf for the first time: “The trimming of thermoformed splints is still strongly characterized by manual work. Nevertheless, orthodontists, but also increasingly dentists, expect a consistently high quality especially in this field. So, from the very beginning, it was our concern to enable process reliability and at the same time to optimize the use of resources in the practice environment. Of course, cost considerations also play a significant role, as the number of patients who, for example, decide for an aligner treatment is constantly growing. And unlike bite splints and grinding splints, aligners require an entire series.”

The E3 celebrated its world premiere at IDS in Cologne at 12 pm on March 14, 2023. But not only that: In Cologne, all three machines of the new EASE CLASS can be seen together for the first time until March 18: the five-axis disc milling machine E5, the four-axis block milling machine E4 and the E3 as a special machine for cutting out occlusal appliances. This powerful trio thus covers virtually all materials and indications that may arise in the laboratory and dental practice. Further information on the new E3 can be found on the specially set up microsite at ease.vhf.com/e3