Yet another material the vhf K5+ masters with ease

Keystone Industries’ high-impact Denture Base Disc, KeyMill featuring Diamond D, validated for vhf milling machines

Gibbstown, NJ; Ammerbuch, Germany/Hauppauge, NY; November 21, 2019: Keystone Industries and vhf announced that they have collaborated to validate and optimize Keystone’s high-impact denture base disc, KeyMill, in the vhf dental milling machines.

Since its introduction in 2003, Diamond D has become one of the world’s leading high-impact denture acrylic. Laboratories and dentists alike have come to rely on Diamond D’s superior strength and natural, fibered colors to deliver a premium, fracture-resistant denture product to patients. Now, Keystone is offering this same superior quality to the digital dentistry market – KeyMill discs can be perfectly and accurately milled, without any warping of the material during production. The final product is extremely strong, vibrant, and esthetic, with minimal finishing or polishing required. Unlike PMMA dentures, Diamond D dentures are not brittle and resist fractures.

Björn Höppe, Head of Product at vhf says: “The K5+ is a lab’s premiere choice when it comes to milling dentures. The highly esthetic material from Keystone is extremely strong and requires a robust milling system. The K5+, vhf’s powerful dry mill, offers a compact and extremely sturdy build that masters the high impact denture base discs with ease.”

Keystone Industries’ president, Ira Rosenau, noted that, “We are very pleased to have validated our KeyMill denture base disc for vhf’s robust milling machines. Through the harmonized CAM system, consisting of vhf milling machine, strategies and tools, users are able to create an esthetic and high-impact denture product with KeyMill in very little time. We look forward to working with vhf and their lab customers to create excellent results for dentists and their patients looking for a perfect digital denture solution.”