High-frequency spindles

Thanks to their extremely high speeds and excellent bearing, high-frequency spindles deliver extremely smooth cutting edges while maintaining high removal and feed rates.

You should choose a high-frequency spindle whenever maximum precision is called for, especially when using smaller tools. The true running accuracy here is in the range of a few micrometers.

Benefits of a high-frequency spindle for your CNC milling machine:

  • high speeds of up to 60,000 rpm
  • controllable speeds
  • high speed stability even under load
  • very low-noise operation
  • high-capacity factor at low weight and small size
  • precision bearing
  • software-controlled frequency converter with monitoring functions
  • pneumatic tool change feature available

High-frequency spindles are convincing due to their feed rates

Thanks to their rated power of up to 1.3 kW, spindles of this type are also suitable for intermediate tool diameters. The high speeds allow for incredible feed rates when using smaller carbide tools.

For high-frequency spindles with pneumatic clamping systems, we recommend an automatic tool magazine to automate your work processes.