Chairside milling and grinding of perfect restorations

Ammerbuch, March 20, 2017: New machine for the dental practice: At the International Dental Show in Cologne/Germany – the top event of the dental industry which takes place every two years – vhf camfacture AG will unveil a special innovation on March 21: a milling and grinding machine for producing restorations in laboratory quality on-site in the dental practice, resulting in patients being treated with final restorations in just one session.

Exactly ten years have gone by since the renowned German machine-building company vhf made its debut in the dental industry with open, compact, easy-to-use and, most importantly, affordable dental milling machines, making them available even for small laboratories. The start of a success story in which vhf has become a hidden champion considering the number of installed milling machines in laboratories. With the Z4, vhf has now developed a new milling and grinding machine for dental practices which is impressive not only for its sleek design. Thanks to its compact and sound-insulated housing, it can be positioned anywhere in the practice and will pique patient’s interest. With its integrated compressor and Wi-Fi module, the machine does not need any supply lines other than a power supply.

The Z4 defines new quality standards in wet machining of chairside materials. In addition to restorations of glass ceramics, PMMA, zirconium oxide and composites, prefabricated titanium abutments can also be finished with the highest precision. In order to achieve first-class results, the Z4 contains German machine-building technology at its best: A repetition accuracy of the linear axes of ± 0.003 mm, as well as a rock-solid construction with a massive aluminium cast machine bed, ensure highest precision and a low-vibration operation. Thanks to spindle speeds of up to 100,000 RPM, the material blocks can be processed extremely fast.

In addition, several manual steps have been automated so that the machine can be operated without previous CAM knowledge, allowing practice personnel to produce restorations with maximum efficiency. For example, the material block will automatically be fixed (“1-click mounting”) and can be exchanged within seconds. The closed liquid cooling system does not require any grinding additives which are subject to mandatory waste disposal, greatly simplifying daily practice business.

And last but not least, the Z4 impresses with its innovative operating concept: after modelling the data, the whole machining process will be controlled by an intuitive touchscreen on the Z4. It is no longer necessary to have a separate computer next to the machine – it just has to be connected with the CAD computer via Wi-Fi. All milling paths are calculated in the background on the CAD computer, and then are transferred to the Z4 for production.

Several Z4 will be showcased at the vhf booth E-040 in hall 10.1 at IDS from March 21 to March 26. The product launch is planned for the third quarter of 2017.