Comfortable safety plus due to laser scanner

Ammerbuch, November 30, 2016: With the new safety laser scanner for monitoring three or four sides of their milling machines, vhf camfacture AG now offers a plus of machine safety with a high level of user comfort at the same time. The scanner, which is inconspicuously mounted beneath the machining table, monitors a defined safety area. As soon as someone steps into this area, the machine will switch into the halt mode.

In most cases it is rather difficult to equip large-scale CNC milling machines with a housing. If it is be done anyway, it is on the one hand expensive and on the other hand it leads to a reduced practicability, for example for loading large workpieces. Also light-barriers which are sometimes used for this purpose, impair the handling. The sender, mirror and receiver columns which are arranged around the machine, are not only space-consuming but also error prone. So after incidentally bumping at such a column, one had to make a complex re-adjustment.

The new safety laser scanner monitors a previously defined area around the machine. As it is mounted beneath the machine table, it neither obstructs the setup nor the machining procedure. The size of the safety area can be adapted to the local circumstances at the installation site of the machine. For monitoring a safety area of up to 270° on machines of up to three metres length, one scanner module will be sufficient. For an all-round monitoring of 360° respectively for larger machines, two scanner modules will be mounted under the machine. The laser scanner is comfortably operated via switches which are integrated into the system rack, the protection status is signalled through a RGB lamp. The safety laser scanner can be used on machines of the Premium line and the Active Pro line in combination with a 19” system rack.