New milling machine for dental technology

Ammerbuch, October 23, 2016: The next generation of five axis dry milling: In February 2016, vhf camfacture AG from Ammerbuch near Stuttgart in Germany has launched the official sale of a new five axis dry milling machine for dental technology: K5 Impression distinguishes itself especially by the great rotational range of its B axis of up to± 35 degrees and the possibility to machine blanks with up to 40 mm thickness.

In addition to the three linear axes in x, y and z, two rotary axes enable many machining possibilities. The B axis with its extraordinary great rotational range allows to machine also especially complicated undercuts.This makes the dental milling machine K5 ideal for model casts and surgical guides as well as prosthodontics and implantology.

A cast body which is closed at five sides absorbs vibrations and ensures a high stability of the whole machine. Additionally reinforced linear guides in x, y and z as well as a double mounted B axis further increase the rigidity of the whole axis system – with positive effects on the quality of the milling results.

An automatic changer for 16 tools makes working comfortable: In addition to the currently required tools, the tool changer can be equipped with replacement tools right away and the machining process will also be continued when tools are worn out.

Due to a practical drawer for accessories in the lower part of the machine, it is quite easy to keep everything in order: tools and blanks are well stored and immediately at hand. The drawer also holds an integrated administrated tool board for milling tools. Its numbered slots will be administrated by the DentalCAM software, so that there is an active pool of 30 tools in total.

K5 is suitable for a wide range of materials: blanks of wax, plastics, model plaster, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis. As the fixing device can hold blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm, there is hardly any indication remaining which cannot be machined with K5 Impression. As a pure dry milling machine, it makes up a perfect duo with the N4 for wet machining – also optically. There are no changeover or cleaning times when switching between wet and dry machining and each machine can work nonstop on its respective special field.