Innovative tool packaging for efficient tool handling

vhf develops new packaging for dental tools.

Ammerbuch, August 12, 2021: vhf camfacture has set another milestone for efficient and safe milling and grinding in modern dentistry. In addition to the continuous improvement of milling machines, software, and tools, vhf has also rethought the handling of tools and redesigned the simple standard packaging to a multifunctional tool packaging. This unique and patented solution further increases the efficiency in the workflow for the production of dental restorations.

The innovative design of the tool packaging offers the decisive added value for dental laboratories, milling centers and dental practices when it comes to storage and handling. Each package consists of a protective casing and a colored socket in which the tool is held. With seven distinct colors, it is clearly visible which tool is applicable for which material class. The respective article match code is prominently marked on the protective casing. A unique feature is that the individual packages can be coupled, separated and combined as required by means of an innovative sliding mechanism, so that the best possible overview of the tool contingent is available at all times.

The handling of the milling machine tools is not only easier but also safer thanks to the innovative packaging. In addition to protecting the tool from damage, the new packaging offers safe handling because the tool contained in the socket is not touched directly. This minimizes the risk of injury to the user. Another plus: The socket serves as a holder to directly and easily insert or remove the tool in the tool magazine of the milling machine.