vhf supporting water and climate protection in Guatemala

Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, December 14, 2017: With this year’s annual Christmas donation, vhf camfacture AG, a manufacturer of milling machines and tools, is helping OroVerde plant 5,000 trees in Guatemala as part of a reforestation program. The donation is funded by money that otherwise would have been spent on gifts to business partners.

The tropical rainforests are among the most biodiverse habitats on earth – more than two-thirds of all animal and plant species worldwide are found here. vhf is supporting OroVerde reforestation programs in three protected areas. Here, cleared areas are being reforested with indigenous trees, so that the rainforest can recover in its role as an important water reservoir, climate regulator and home for people and animals.

With the forest-friendly cultivation of coffee, cocoa and fruit trees in socalled agroforestry systems, sustainable and forest-friendly sources of income are being developed together with the local population. The seedlings are grown in local tree nurseries in Guatemala and planted in species-rich mixed cultures with native rainforest trees. This creates a “forest garden” on the edge of the old rainforest, which protects it while simultaneously providing a new habitat for numerous animals and plants.

The Management Board and employees at vhf camfacture AG are happy to make a meaningful contribution with their donation and are sure that the business partners are similarly pleased to be part of this charitable contribution.