Work even more productively with Cenon 5.0

vhf releases the fifth generation of the all-in-one manufacturing software for CAM processing: many innovative features and updates

Ammerbuch, December 7, 2020: The vhf camfacture AG presents the latest upgrade of their machining software for CNC milling machines. Thanks to the new Cenon version, users can now produce even more efficiently and productively. During the development process, several user requests were implemented which allow a more comfortable and clearer operation.

No matter if a user is a beginner or a long-time professional: with the new version of Cenon, everybody can give production even more drive. The new release offers many new features, which save time and provide a better overview in the daily production. Thus, every Cenon customer benefits from a whole package of improvements, so that an update will pay off quickly.

Here is an overview of the most important new features:

Clear workspace with the new compact view
All important functions combined at a glance: in addition to the already familiar view with flexible windows, Cenon now offers a clear compact view with fixed windows.

Create finishing layers with one click
With just one click, an independent finishing layer can be added to an existing layer. This layer automatically contains the toolpath for the finishing process. Even with the new automatic finishing layers, the user is always in control and can freely define all parameters or use a completely different tool for finishing.

Different tool parameters in one file
In the new Cenon 5.0, a tool can be used in different positions with different parameters. This new freedom is helpful in many situations, e.g. with the new finishing layers.

Save tools for a specific project
With the new Cenon, users can save themselves the time-consuming reconfiguration of tool parameters, because the parameters of their tools are now saved with every project file, no matter what changes they make to the tool magazine.

See the runtime at a glance
The new Cenon calculates the expected runtime and displays it clearly for each layer. The total running time of your project can also be viewed directly without detours.

More Cenon updates for a productive working:

  • Fast bridges due to selectable sine wave shape
  • Presets to set milling in the same direction as default
  • Copy tools in the magazine
  • Layer inspector: selected layers are marked with a point
  • Thinning from the outside: raised paths can be thinned, for example for milled letters with better 3D effect

Cenon is the universal manufacturing software for CNC milling machines. Customers can create their projects either in their favorite design software (AutoCAD, Illustrator, etc.) or directly in Cenon. Intelligent algorithms take care of the exact conversion of the graphics on the milling machine and users can concentrate on the essential steps of the CAM output.