Exclusive web series by vhf with world-leading dentists

Dentists strive for best – the Passion for Perfection series shows why German milling machines play an important role in achieving optimum results

Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, December 11, 2020: In vhf’s new web series, which has just started to go online, Dr. Michael DiTolla interviews some of the most respected clinicians in dentistry: Dr. David Guichet, Dr. Alan Jurim, Dr. August de Oliveira, Dr. Michael Scherer, Dr. John Sorensen, and Dr. Miguel Stanley. In short video conversations they give their view on how CAD/CAM takes dentistry to the next level.

Germany is known for many things: premium cars, the Autobahn, the Oktoberfest, and last but not least for their constant striving for perfection. When asked why he hired a German company for the windows of Apple’s new headquarters, Apple CEO Tim Cook once said, “Because of the level of craftsmanship and precision – they are perfect. We have enormous respect for German engineering.”

In a brand-new six-episode web series, Dr. Michael DiTolla, himself a dentist from California, embraces Tim Cook’s admiration of exceptional German engineering and presents another example: vhf milling machines. With their passion for perfection, the German manufacturer vhf has designed innovative dental milling solutions that are both high quality and the best value for the money. In each episode, Dr. DiTolla presents some German customs in a fun way and interviews world-leading dentists who all have something in common in their search for the best patient treatment: they trust vhf milling technology from Germany in their offices.

During the interviews with his guests, Dr. Michael DiTolla learns what is so special about vhf milling and grinding machines: speed, precision, the freedom of materials and no limits on indications. Each of the six dental professionals have their own stories and reasons why the vhf machines became crucial for their patient treatments. All videos of the web series will be released weekly until the end of 2020, and are available to watch on a dedicated website: vhf.de/passion-for-perfection.

Beside the well-known dentists, two innovative vhf machines play a major role:

The Z4 is a wet milling machine for chairside restorations that can provide patients with beautiful final restorations in just one session. With a single user interface, the integrated workflow makes it easy for novices: from the intraoral scanner, to the design software, then to the milling machine. This approach means that practitioners only need to familiarize themselves with one software.

The R5 is a highly automated milling machine that switches effortlessly between wet and dry operation and lets practitioners produce the most precise digital restorations overnight, saving not only time but also costs. Furthermore, it can mill any kind of indication thus increasing the return on investment.